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Students Unveil ‘The Roaring Twenties’ at Spring Concert
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After months of diligent work and finetuning their composition, members of the Bronxville High School’s Honors and Symphonic Bands debuted a remarkable piece of music during their spring concert on April 17. Entitled “The Roaring Twenties,” the medley of popular jazz tunes from the 1920s paid homage to the school’s rich history.

Crafted by professional composer Carl Strommen, specifically for the students, the unique composition presented a challenge to adapt jazz styling to an ensemble of 82 students. Band director Uma Karkala said Strommen’s approach to the composition ensured that it showcased the talents of the students, including the band’s flute and brass sections.

“It was exhilarating and an experience never to be forgotten,” Karkala said. “Working with the composer and watching the piece take shape was a life-changing experience to all involved.”

The experience was made possible thanks to a generous grant from the Bronxville School Foundation. To watch the performance of “The Roaring Twenties,” visit