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Teacher Debuts Guide to Meditation
Bronxville, NY

Bronxville High School history teacher Bill Meyer has written a manual, “Three Breaths and Begin: A Guide to Meditation in the Classroom,” that’s slated to be released in May 2019. His book explores how moments of stillness, breath awareness and calming images can create focus and facilitate learning. 

Stemming from his personal experiences with meditation and extensive research on the topic, Meyer – who has been incorporating meditation in his classes and leading mindfulness practices throughout the school building for the last nine years – details how teachers can use meditation techniques and incorporate mindfulness into their curriculum. 

“It focuses almost exclusively on my experience developing and integrating mindfulness and meditation into the curriculum here at Bronxville,” Meyer said. “There are excerpts from students, teachers and parents throughout the book, as well as a whole chapter on the high school Meditation Club. Topics also include meditation in the classroom, meditation on field trips and even meditation for tragedy.” 

Meyer’s cutting-edge work in Bronxville and his desire to share his knowledge with a broader audience led him to write his book. In addition to exploring the academic and wellness benefits that develop when teachers incorporate meditation and mindfulness into their curriculum, the book also features guided meditation prompts. 

“The benefits of mindfulness are well-documented from the emotional and social support it can provide students, its ability to foster greater concentration, an overall sense of peace, but more than anything I think it helps us to connect back to ourselves in a world where so much is drawing us outward,” Meyer said.

In addition, Meyer has written a children’s book, “Big Breath,” which is a meditation guide to help young readers wind down before bed or after a tough day. Illustrated by Brittany R. Jacobs, the book features colorful images and calming meditation prompts. Publication for “Big Breath” is planned for fall 2019.