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Teachers Team Up to Learn Top Feedback Strategies
Bronxville, NY

Bronxville School teachers – who have been collaborating during professional development workshops throughout the school year – recently worked to learn best practices on giving students feedback that propels their work forward.

As part of the workshops, facilitated by senior consultant Diane Cunningham of Learner-Centered Initiatives, the faculty members set goals, gained access to rubrics and other assessment tools and collaborated with fellow educators to share and reflect on their work. Cunningham also worked with each teacher to model various approaches for providing students with quality feedback to produce optimal growth.

Carole DelJuidice, an elementary school technology teacher, said the cohort’s focus on feedback has drastically improved her teaching and classroom flow. She created an exit ticket system as a way of accessing meaningful feedback to and from students and allow them to check in on their work and review their thinking. 

“Working with Diane for the second time was a tremendous experience,” she said. “She is a fantastic resource for our district. I believe that giving opportunities for reflection are crucial to student growth and development.” 

Claire Hollocou, a fifth grade teacher, said she focused on teaching her students how to analyze their peers’ work, provide their classmates with constructive feedback and identify ways to consistently make improvements. In addition, as a result of the learning experience, each student set a specific goal to work on. 

“The students were encouraged to use this process throughout the unit with peers and independently in order to continue to update their goal,” Hollocou said. “I was impressed with their ability to analyze each other’s work critically while remaining supportive.” 

Cunningham has previously worked with students, teachers and administrators to define leadership – one of the four dispositions of the Bronxville Promise. Her work was generously supported by the Bronxville School Foundation.