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Tenth-Graders Share Childhood Anecdotes During Moth Story Slam
Bronxville News

Tenth-grade students in Victor Maxwell’s Honors English class – who have been learning about the art and craft of storytelling – recently participated in a Moth Story Slam-style event during class. Having previously written stories about their childhoods, the students had the opportunity to perform their stories before an audience of peers. 

Keeping up with the style of a Moth Story Slam – which are open-mic storytelling competitions held around the world that allow people to share short stories before a live audience – some of the students’ stories included a summer camp disaster, a first kiss, a death-defying bike ride, a jellyfish attack and finding a new friend in a neighbor. 

“A great story brings us into the world of the teller and allows us to understand them without needing to explain themselves,” Maxwell added. “It also takes us on a journey where we are constantly anticipating what will happen and yet still manage to be surprised.”

Throughout the story writing and storytelling experience, the students learned about the art of structuring stories, how to create suspense and humor and add details that make stories come alive. They also learned how to give a presentation in a natural and engaging way, including how to use their voices and bodies to deepen their communication.

“There is no better way to learn the power that a well-constructed story holds than to create and share one,” Maxwell said. “Stories are one big way that human beings connect to one another. The students enjoyed the experience and got to know each other in a deeper way through these stories. It was really touching and a lot of fun.”