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Third Graders Foster Compassion and Literacy Through Love of Reading
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Bronxville Elementary School third graders have spread the joy of reading in their community through a series of heartfelt activities. Under the leadership of teacher Megan Hanson, a curriculum leader who coordinated the Spread the Love of Reading program, the students crafted handmade bookmarks, read stories to kindergartners, donated a copy of their favorite book and connected with senior citizens.

“Spread the Love of Reading is part of our ongoing efforts to instill the values of compassion, generosity and a love for literacy in our students,” Hanson said. “We engaged in discussions about the importance of reading, empathy and the impact of giving back to our community. We reflected on how our actions can make a difference in the lives of others and spread positivity through the power of literature.”

As part of the community service project, the third graders weaved bookmarks for senior citizens before welcoming them as special guest readers at their school on April 25. Prior to that, the students read books to kindergartners, which fostered a love for learning and reading. In addition, each third grader is generously donating a new copy of their favorite book to the Westchester Family Services Head Start Program.

“We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to experience the magic of storytelling, and our third graders can play a vital role in making this possible,” Hanson said.

The Spread the Love of Reading program aims to foster a love of reading and community service, ensuring that students become not only proficient readers but also compassionate individuals.