Bronxville News

Three Students Earn Prestigious Art Awards
Bronxville, NY

Bronxville High School students Andrew Doyle, Olivia O’Keefe and Micki Zucker have earned several awards at the prestigious regional 2021 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards competition. 

Doyle, a sophomore, won two awards for drawing; O’Keefe, a senior, won three awards for a digital drawing, a cartoon and a mixed media piece; and Zucker, a junior, won an award for a watercolor and pencil artwork. The students’ works stood out among thousands of other student submissions, which were judged by a panel of creative professionals.

“I am always impressed with the work of these artists,” art teacher Courtney Alan said. “They put in a lot of extra time and heart into their artwork and it definitely shows.” 

Doyle won a Gold Key for his colored pencil on black artagain paper drawing, “Skeleton,” and honorable mention for his charcoal drawing, “A Musical Space.” 

“Andrew is an unbelievably talented artist who is very committed to his studies in art and currently is focusing on an interest in anatomy,” Alan said. “He has shown a prodigious talent at a young age and has continued to grow as an artist in classes in and out of school. His technical skill shows in this drawing of a skeleton as he renders the form and light with acute realism while creatively adjusting the color to add interest.” 

As a Gold Key award recipient, Doyle has automatically advanced to the national level of the competition. National medalists will be announced on March 17.

O’Keefe won a Silver Key for her digital drawing, “Adette,” honorable mention for her cartoon, “Dorm Room 666,” and honorable mention for her mixed media work, “Rebuilding Femininity.” 

“Olivia is a very well-rounded artist who is able to adjust her talents to any medium,” Alan said. “Her Silver Key is a digital painting of a young girl she named Adette that has a personal meaning for Olivia related to her grandmother’s experience in World War II. Olivia’s work always has depth and meaning on top of her skill.” 

Zucker won a Silver Key for her watercolor and colored pencil work, “Mustang.”

“Micki took on a challenge for the reflective, transparent project by drawing a patterned fabric against the reflective surfaces of a classic Mustang, and she did so beautifully,” Alan said. “She has incredible control with watercolor and always has a unique voice in her art practice.” 

Presented by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards program identifies students with exceptional artistic and literary talents.