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To innovate, discover, and create. To make something new from what you know.

To find your voice and communicate clearly in order to lead with passion and persistence.

To think critically, explore nature, history, and culture. To gain the understanding and courage to change.

To collaborate and serve. To engage in the world around you and make it a better place.


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Bronxville School News

Sixth-Graders Investigate What It Takes to Live on the Moon 2018

As a culminating experience to their studies, sixth-graders worked together to discover what it takes to live on the moon and build their own models of possible lunar colonies from June 12-19. Throughout the investigation – which was part of a weeklong i2 Learning program that incorporated science, technology, engineering and math skills – the students participated in a number of collaborative hands-on activities.

Fifth-Graders Celebrate Accomplishments During Moving Up Ceremony photo

Fifth-graders celebrated the first of many milestones in their academic careers during a moving up ceremony on June 21. Signifying the conclusion of one chapter and the beginning of another, the students were called one by one to accept their certificates, which were handed out by their teachers, to the applause of friends and family.

Eighth-Grade Class Moves Up to Bronxville High School photo

Standing before an audience of friends, family and administrators, eighth-grade students celebrated their hard work, achievements and success throughout their time in middle school during a special moving up ceremony, held on the school’s front lawn on June 20. The students will continue their educational journey as high school freshmen in the fall.


Bronxville High School sophomore Esther Devitt and freshman Michael Randall – who had been advocating for gun violence prevention through their student-led New Yorkers Rise Up organization – recently joined New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on a press tour. 

Fourth-Graders Solve ‘Mystery at Loon Lake’ photo

Fourth-graders – who had been learning about the energy flow through an ecosystem in their science classes and exploring how changes in an ecosystem can affect it and its organisms – took on the roles of scientists when they participated in a weeklong i2 Learning program from June 11-15.

circus photo

Third-graders – who had been studying about different countries as part of the social studies curriculum – celebrated the culmination of their studies by performing a variety of circus skills for classmates, teachers and parents during the annual “Circus Around the World” on June 15. 

Bronxville High School Celebrates Class of 2018 photo

After years of hard work and dedication, Bronxville High School’s Class of 2018 completed its secondary school experience when the graduates took hold of their diplomas during the 96th commencement ceremony, held on the school’s front lawn on June 16.